Comprehensive Asthma Prevention and Allergy Program


Asthma Prevention and Treatment. Based on 25 years of experience and two groundbreaking books, Dr. Firshein has developed a comprehensive program to address the many underlying causes of asthma. With his unique 7-step protocol and Breath of Life Program Dr. Firshein combines diet, supplements, environmental controls, immunotherapy, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and medication to achieve excellent long lasting results.

Allergy Prevention and Treatment. Food and Environmental allergies can be the underlying cause of a variety of symptoms and medical conditions including shortness of breath, rashes, coughs, migraines, chronic sinusitis, fatigue and digestive problems. Testing for allergies can be done through both a blood called a RAST (Radioallergosorbent Test) and through Multi-Test skin tests. Both approaches are distinctive and together can uncover hidden sources of food and environmental allergens that might be affecting your health. After testing, Dr. Firshein will design a customized program to help desensitize and eliminate these allergens. Dr. Firshein uses a unique treatment approach using allergy injections and sublingual drops, both containing a very small amount of the allergen, which can help build immunity to the offensive substances. This treatment, long used in Europe, allows patients to regain their health with minimal pain and side effects.

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