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PRP Rejuvenation Program Specialist

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PRP Rejuvenation Program

PRP Rejuvenation Program

PRP Rejuvenation Program

What is PRP therapy?

Your blood contains red and white cells, plasma, and platelets. Platelets not only have clotting agents that stop your bleeding after an injury, but they also contain growth factor proteins that help you heal.

PRP concentrates all of these healing agents in your blood to provide pain relief and injury recovery.

Dr. Firshein often recommends platelet-rich plasma therapy for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions that haven’t responded to conservative treatments, including:

  • Ligament and muscle injuries
  • Osteoarthritis pain, especially in the hip and knee
  • Tendon problems, like tendinitis
  • Lower back pain
  • Conditions like runner or jumper’s knee and plantar fasciitis

PRP can also accelerate the healing time of certain injuries, like torn rotator cuffs and ACL tears.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy treatments are simple procedures performed on-site. After preparing your PRP sample, Dr. Firshein injects it directly into your pain site.
Once administered, you might experience mild discomfort and swelling at the injection site, but this is normal and usually fades within a week as your body’s natural healing process begins. Over the next few weeks, you can expect your pain and inflammation to subside as new and healthy tissue regenerates in the area. It’s also common for your range of motion to increase.
Depending on your condition and overall health, Dr. Firshein may recommend a series of PRP injections to provide maximum results.

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Dr. Firshein has created a unique program which combines PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma with the benefits of acupuncture to produce his PRP ACUFacial . The benefits of PRP are that platelets trigger collagen production and collagen is the frame upon of where the face rest. PRP can help tighten, smooth and improve skin tone. Dr. Firshein uses PRP for wide range of rejuvenating procedures for joints, skin, and hair. In each one of these cases, he combines acupuncture with the procedure. It’s important to note that PRP is not a cosmetic procedure; it’s a medical procedure.

It first requires the extraction of a small blood sample, which is then spun in a specific centrifuge device designed specifically for this purpose. The platelets are then extracted and then they are concentrated creating a sample of the material which Dr. Firshein will inject. In the case of PRP ACUFacials, the PRP is then injected directly into specific points in the face that correlate with skin damage which might include fine wrinkles or significant frown lines. Once those areas are injected, Dr. Firshein then includes acupuncture into the procedure. Each acupuncture needle is dipped in a PRP solution and then placed into skin. The acupuncture penetrates more deeply into the skin and stimulates the repair and recovery of the surrounding tissue, providing a more natural look than popular cosmetic procedures such as Botox or fillers.