How DNA Testing Can Give You A Great Understanding of Your Health Risks

DNA Testing Health Risks

If you’re health-conscious, striving to do what’s best for your overall well-being, you might want to consider the benefits of DNA testing.

Dr. Richard Firshein is an integrative medicine physician offering the innovative DNA testing services you need to better understand your health and potential risk factors that influence it. Using the latest technology, DNA testing can identify the unique factors that affect important biological functions that affect your:

Using the data DNA testing provides, Dr. Firshein also evaluates your personal health history, your family history, and any symptoms you currently experience to generate a clear picture of your health.

This information is a powerful tool in creating strategies for improving the approach to your health care based on what your body actually needs.

Expectations for DNA testing results

DNA testing panels use either blood or saliva samples to create a wellness profile. A variety of factors can be evaluated through DNA testing, such as your:

DNA testing can also determine the metabolic factors that influence your weight and overall health. Testing also helps determine what you should be eating to optimize your nutrition and how you should be exercising to maintain a healthy weight and peak physical fitness.

Additionally, through DNA testing, you can learn more about potential health risks, like insulin sensitivities and allergies.

Benefits of DNA testing

Having the necessary insights into the inner workings of your body, Dr. Firshein can work closely with you to create a personalized diet and exercise plan to rejuvenate your health and prevent the development of chronic disease.

Using a personalized approach to health care, you can limit your risks for both short-term and long-term issues that affect your health. By eating right and staying physically active, you can not only enhance your current physical and mental health, you can enjoy improved health for the long-term.

If you already have concerns about your health due to a family history or previous health issue, DNA testing provides you with the information you need to ease your mind and help you take the right steps toward good health.

Preparing for your DNA test

DNA testing is a no-risk way to identify what you need to thrive. The procedure takes just a few minutes to obtain a sample of your saliva from inside your cheek, or you may need to give a small amount of blood.

To ensure Dr. Firshein has all the information he needs to provide you with accurate results, it can help to have thorough notes about your health history and your family’s medical background. Bring along any medical records you have and a list of any symptoms you’re currently experiencing.

Your initial DNA testing consultation is also the perfect time to ask questions or address any concerns you have about your health. By providing a full picture of your health, Dr. Firshein can use your information along with the DNA test results to provide you with the right strategies for better health.

Find out more about DNA testing results and how you can benefit from this preventive screening tool by scheduling a consultation online or by phone today.

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