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Overcome Insomnia for Good Without Drugs

If you have problems falling asleep, or staying asleep, and you’re left struggling throughout the day as a result, you’re not alone. More than one-third of the population in the United States isn’t getting the sleep they need, and 1 in 10 have chronic issues with insomnia. While this disorder may strike during the nighttime hours, it can also lead to very serious problems during the day, leaving you more moody, less alert, and unable to focus.

At the Firshein Center on the Upper East Side of New York City, we don’t believe in masking the health issues of our patients with drugs. While a magic pill seems awfully tempting, this approach fails to recognize and address the underlying causes of your health issues, especially when it comes to insomnia. Led by Dr. Richard Firshein, our team turns to a more integrated and holistic approach that considers the person, their circumstances, and their medical status in order to come up with a treatment plan that delivers lasting and effective results.

If you want to overcome insomnia without relying on drugs, there are alternatives.

The vicious cycle

Insomnia is an incredibly frustrating condition for several reasons. First, your insomnia may be primary, or it may be a result of another problem, making it a symptom of something larger. This fact means that treating insomnia is far from easy, which is why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to sorting through your symptoms, your medical history, and your current health to get to the bottom of your sleep disorder. By going deeper, we’re able to treat your insomnia while mitigating the root cause of the problem.

Another frustrating aspect of insomnia is that it often becomes a vicious cycle that perpetuates itself. What we mean by this is that as your insomnia progresses unchecked, you become more anxious about the problem, which adds to your inability to get the sleep you need. This can lead to mental and physical issues that only serve to exacerbate your condition even further. And round and round it goes in a never-ending vicious cycle.

And while drugs may put a temporary halt to the cycle, they’re short-lasting and do nothing to help you heal from the inside out, holistically and optimally.

A comprehensive system of healing

One of our core beliefs is that the human body is a complex machine that requires balance for optimal function. A problem in one area can have an impact on a seemingly unrelated area because everything in your body is connected in some direct or indirect way.

For insomnia, this means that we approach the problem using a combination of techniques that we’ve curated especially for your unique situation. For example, if your insomnia is accompanied by chronic pain, we tackle both problems at once through chiropractic adjustments, relaxation techniques, and acupuncture.

If your insomnia appears to be primary, without any other symptoms, we address the issue using an integrative approach. Your custom treatment protocol may include spinal adjustments for better alignment in your musculoskeletal structure, nutritional counseling for better cell health, and acupuncture to encourage a healthier flow of energy along your meridians. The positive effects these treatments can have on both your mental and physical health are myriad as they restore your body’s ability to function properly, essentially helping it to heal itself.

This kind of healing, from your DNA on out, gives you the foundational support you need to gain the upper hand on your insomnia, as well as encourage healthier living all around.

Ultimately, we’ve found that treating insomnia often requires a multi-pronged effort that works with your body’s own powerful resources for long-lasting results that no drug can supply.

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